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Hello friend!

Let me ask you a question....

Did you know that the Covid pandemic has led to a job crisis?

Over 225 million people have lost their jobs worldwide... and even published the grim headline below!

Depression, debt and suicides are stark reminders that the days of job security are long gone and not returning anytime soon. Just like Lindsay Lohan's career!

But the good news is that this dark cloud has a silver lining...

People are finally realizing that entrepreneurship and being your own boss is the way to go!

Don't believe me?

No problem. Check out the news articles below...

These are just 3 of the many news articles out there. Don't even think of saying it's 'fake news'.

This is real-word information!

You may have heard the quote, 'If you don't build your dream, someone else will hire you to help build theirs.'

And guess what they have planned for you?

Not much! Not much at all.

When push comes to shove, being an employee very often means being shoved out the door when times are tough. Sometimes literally.

All levity aside, this is truly a serious issue.

If you're not in control of your life, others will control it for you.

Sounds obvious, doesn't it?

Yet, most people hesitate to strike out on their own...

Here’s a Hard Truth!

Most people never adopt a success mindset that allows them to make their entrepreneurial goals a reality.

Fear and 'paralysis by analysis' holds them back while time slips between their fingers.

And they end up slogging their entire lives making others wealthy while they endure the daily grind and live from paycheck to paycheck. The sheer ignominy of it all!

The truth is that developing a success mindset is crucial to win in business and in life.

It’s not rocket science, but you still need to know what to do… and MORE IMPORTANTLY, how to think.

Unfortunately, most wannabe entrepreneurs don’t know where to start or what to do. They have so many questions and there are hardly any answers out there.


 That's Where You Come In!

This is a niche that's DESPERATE for information, motivation and content that fires them up.

They can't get enough of it!

If you looked at some of the top selling self-development books on Amazon...

You'd notice that many of these books are about thinking big, winning, being relentless and having tenacity in the face of adversity.

Now You Too Can Sell To This RED HOT Niche!

There's a famous quote by the legendary motivational speaker, Jim Rohn...

"Motivation alone is not enough. If you have an idiot and you motivate him, now you have a motivated idiot.”



No! You can't just motivate people.

You also need to give them the necessary techniques, tips and advice to help them take the leap.

They Are Looking To YOU For Answers!


It will not only educate your readers...

But also light a fire under them and inside them! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Most People Have These Doubts and Questions!

  • Am I even good enough?
  • How do I become disciplined?
  • Are winners born or made?
  • What if my business fails?
  • What if people laugh at me?
  • How do I focus?
  • Can I quit procrastinating?
  • When will I be ready to start?
  • What do entrepreneurs do differently?
  • How can I manage my time better?

And the questions go on and on and on...

This is perfectly understandable and they're not to blame.

We've all been brought up to believe that formal education will lead to wealth and job security (both false!).

Since young, we've been trained to go to school from Monday to Friday like good little drones so that we'll fit into society like a cog in the machinery and work... from Monday to Friday!

This PLR bundle will show them that they can find real success in life by being an aberration to the norm.

Initially, I planned on writing 35 articles. But after doing some research, I decided that 50 articles would truly do the subject matter justice.

I did not want to hold anything back because you deserve nothing but the best!

Here are just some of the mindset topics covered in this PLR bundle...

  • Increasing your focus
  • Coping with failure
  • Preventing procrastination
  • Avoiding common mistakes
  • Creating success routines
  • Developing grit
  • Habit stacking
  • Organizing your day
  • Taking action

  • Stoicism
  • Becoming quit-proof
  • Law of attraction
  • Having positive self-esteem
  • Growth mindset
  • Kaizen
  • Time management
  • Mindfulness
  • And much more!

"But Arun... Who is This PLR For?"

  • If you have a blog in the self-help niche...
  • If you wish to write a self-help book...
  • If you have a self-development YouTube channel...
  • If you need to motivate yourself...
  • If you're a self-development coach who needs content...

This PLR Package Was Made For YOU!

The self-help niche is one of the hottest and most profitable niches online.

Every single day, thousands of dollars are spent on it. The pie is large enough for you to have your very own slice!

This is an opportunity for you to use this content to position yourself as a self-development expert...

And help people find the courage to start their own businesses.

While you earn sales and commissions by pointing them to reliable self-help products/related services that will help them in their journey.

After all... you do need to be rewarded for your efforts too!

"Well thanks, Arun 'Mother Teresa' Chandran... but can you get to the point??!"

My point is this - The PLR package below has your name written all over it!

And You Are The Reason Why I Created...

50 'Success Mindset For Entrepreneurs' Articles

Build Authority, Provide Excellent Value, Gain Trust, Convert Your Readers Into Buyers and Make Affiliate Commissions!

  • 5 Little-Known Ways to Fool Your Mind and Gear It Towards Success (816 words)
  • How to Go From a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset (869 words)
  • 3 Negative Beliefs That Hold Entrepreneurs Back (850 words)
  • 5 Ways to Overcome Business Failure (798 words)
  • Discover Why Pain Will Make You Succeed (896 words)
  • How to Quickly Turn a Losing Mindset Into a Winning One! (584 words)
  • Understanding Why Learning Without Action Leads to Failure (708 word)
  • 7 Mistakes Beginner Entrepreneurs Make (1017 words)
  • Coming to Terms with the Ugly Truth about Success (1004 words)
  • Delayed Gratification and How it Helps You Win in Business (634 words)
  • How to Organize Your Day for Success (751 words)
  • Do You Really Need to Win the Morning (563 words)
  • Finding Inspiration to Keep Going When You Feel Like Quitting (818 words)
  • Grit: How to Develop It (734 words)
  • Habit Stacking: How to Use it Effectively to Transform Your Life (870 words)
  • 5 Misconceptions That Discourage You and Why You Must Fix Them! (875 words)
  • Finishing What You Start is Crucial to Success! (731 words)
  • How to Apply Stoicism Moderately for Business Success (701 words)
  • 7 Ways to Become Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable (804 words)
  • How to Develop a Quit-Proof Mindset (997 words)
  • Overcome an Entitlement Mentality and Succeed in Business (903 words)
  • 10 Success Habits to Adopt (716 words)
  • Revealed: The Benefits of Raising Your Standards (797 words)
  • Struggling to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You? – Read This! (659 words)
  • Understanding Procrastination and Overcoming It (730 words)
  • Why You Should be Worried about ‘Noise’ in Your Business (705 words)
  • How to Keep Your Business Organized and Geared Towards Success (676 words)
  • 5 Ways to Win the Day and Feel Like a Success (662 words)
  • Fix Your Self-Esteem To Achieve Business Success (745 words)
  • Here is a Method That Helps Millions Achieve Success (803 words)
  • How to Build a Successful Business by Developing a Stronger Mindset (737 words)
  • 7 Ways to Shift Gears and Feel Successful (When You are Dejected) (739 words)
  • How to Use Affirmations Like a Motivational Guru (664 words)
  • Want to Feel More Successful? – Apply These 6 Tips Today! (919 words)
  • 9 Things You Must Let Go to Progress Rapidly (1140 words)
  • Warning: Ignore These Success Rules at Your Own Peril! (614 words)
  • 9 Deep Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want to Be Successful (1004 words)
  • What Do Successful Entrepreneurs Do Differently? (676 words)
  • 5 Principles of Success Every Entrepreneur Should Embrace (584 words)
  • What’s Preventing You From Succeeding? (821 words)
  • Achieving Success in 24 Weeks (893 words)
  • 7 Kaizen Principles You Can Use to Establish a Success-Oriented Mindset (746 words)
  • Did You Know That Successful People Think Differently From Unsuccessful People? (691 words)
  • Discover How Reducing Screen Time Aids in Success (673 words)
  • How to Become Successful by Learning Faster (692 words)
  • Practical Ways to Overcome Fear and Develop a Winning Mindset (707 words)
  • The Secret of Reframing Your Thoughts and Succeeding (594 words)
  • 7 Time Management Tips to Achieve Success (677 words)
  • Mindfulness: How to Use it To Achieve Success in Business (700 words)
  • What Do Successful Entrepreneurs Focus On? (766 words)
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"That Looks Great... But... Er... Can I Trust You?"

GASP! Did you just question my credibility?!!!

Argh! Unbelievable! I expected you to have already bought the product by now... and here you are, doubting me.

But it's ok. I understand. You need proof. OK, Captain Skeptical... here goes.

Let me throw in some stats from my previous PLR launches...

From the pic above, you can see that I've sold thousands of my own PLR products...

And thousands more as an affiliate for other PLR vendors.

I didn't post this screenshot to brag. I posted it to show you that I know the PLR scene like the back of my hand... and also to brag.

I'm one of the most popular PLR sellers online and definitely the coolest. No questions here. (Bragging escalates...)

Not only do I have 3 PLR stores (Reseller PLR, Extremely Limited PLR & Flaming Hot PLR), but I've written content for other PLR sellers like Rick Warid, Huw Hughes and Val Wilson, too.

My ClickBank PLR reviews are used by voiceover artist, Steve Chase, to make his own PLR videos. I'm everywhere in this scene even if you don't see me. (Bragging intensifies...)

I'm the PLR seller's PLR seller. (Still bragging... but you asked for it...)

You can rest assured that this is a quality product that is informative, helpful, cool and stylish.

You don't even need to think twice about it... It's that good!

If you're still unsure, there's a wall of testimonials further down this page. 'Nuff said.

But Enough About Me... What Matters Is That You Can See The PLR Goldmine Right In Front Of You!

The self-help niche is a VERY LUCRATIVE niche. Can you see the profit potential?

There are thousands of searches for self-help content every month! Several of the best selling products on ClickBank, Amazon and other marketplaces are in this niche.

This niche is definitely a winner!

To tap into this HIGHLY PROFITABLE niche, you must have content and a solid grasp of the fundamentals.

Not any old, boring content but INFORMATIVE, PERSUASIVE and ENTERTAINING content.

Good content is king and you need lots of it.

Want to build authority? You need good content.

Want your site to rank for a variety of keywords? You need good content.

Want to provide value and build trust and loyalty with your readers? YES! EXACTLY! You need good content.

To profit in this niche, you MUST have first-rate content. It's that basic...

But Here's The Hard Truth...

Most online marketers who try to profit in this niche will end up failing and not make a single cent.

There are several reasons for this but it all boils down to one thing. They don't have enough good content.

Creating content is hard work. Writing is time-consuming, draining and just no fun.

You got online to make money without struggling for hours daily. The last thing you want to do is bang away at the keyboard from morning to night like a deranged writer.

What you need is pre-written content that you can just take, edit a little... and copy and paste on your blog.

Now, you could spend weeks doing boring research and writing it all yourself... OR...

You could pay a freelancer $20 an article and cough up hundreds of dollars just to have content which in most cases won't even be that great.

"But What Choice Do I Have, Arun?"

I thought you'd never ask!

See... I don't like blowing my own horn but since you asked, let me be frank with you.

When it comes to PLR content, I'm one of the best in the business. I don't outsource the writing to third-rate hacks. All the PLR I release is written by me.

That Kermit image you saw above... That's me in disguise.

And... I understand your pain. I know how hard it is to write content when you don't have the time or the skills. It is frustrating and depressing.

So, the question now is...

"What Are The Successful Marketers Doing That The Rest Aren't?"

Two words - They're providing valuable content and pre-selling their readers.

But wait, Arun... that's more than 2 words. I knoooow... I was just checking to see if you were paying attention!

With the content that you get in this package, you'll have a ton of useful information that visitors to your site are looking for.

All you need to do is sprinkle your affiliate links to related affiliate products and you're good to go.

People come online to look for information and they'll gladly read the content on your site/blog because these articles are written in an informative and entertaining way to keep your readers hooked.

Your readers will look to you as an authority in the niche. They'll like you, trust you and buy from you. It's that simple.

No brainstorming required.


No struggling to write pages and pages of content. Avoid the torture.


No quitting halfway because it's just too tiring to keep up with the content demands.

No spending hours on mind-numbing research.


Stop spending all your free time in front of the computer. Yawn.


No outsourcing. Reduce your costs and boost your profits!

50 'Success Mindset For Entrepreneurs' PLR Articles

These Articles are Perfect for Marketers, Coaches, YouTubers, Bloggers or Anyone Who is In the 'Self-Development' Niche...

  • Use the articles as blog posts or post them on your Facebook pages, etc.
  • Repurpose the PLR content to create slideshow videos on YouTube to drive traffic to your site.
  • Use the articles as free email course to build reader loyalty and establish authority.
  • Create lead magnets with the content and use them to build your list... Or sell them!
  • Compile the articles into an ebook and sell it for $10 to $17.
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  • Repurpose the content and turn it into an audio book.
  • Offer an “Article of the Week” feature on your blog using the content in this package.
  • Rewrite the articles and use them as guest posts or post them on niche forums.
  • Gain more authority by using the content to answer questions on sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, etc.
  • And so much more!

You Have 2 Choices Now...

It's crunch time, partner...

This is where the pedal hits the metal and rubber meets the road.

You either struggle to create all the articles yourself or you get this package and save yourself a whole bunch of money and time... But you should be aware that...

Content creation is a pain in the a**!

I would know. You need to do the research, the writing, the formatting, the checking...

Just reading all of these makes me tired. You probably already fainted.

Wait, what? You're still conscious?

Great! 'Cos I've done it all for you!

Yes... I'm really that cool... and so are you, because you're probably going to buy this package.

If you do decide to pay someone else, you'll probably end up forking out $500 or more... and this is a very moderate estimate.

You can expect to spend more in both money and time.

Dealing with freelancers can be a real hassle. Even Freddy Krueger has nightmares about them.

If you do decide to do it yourself, that's cool... but the time and effort spent on the research, writing, editing, proofreading, etc. will almost put you in an early grave.

During this time you could have already made money with these 'Success Mindset For Entrepreneurs' articles (with private label rights).

I'm not going to hard sell you this package because the value speaks for itself... and I'm too cool to twist your arm just to get a sale.

I'll Just Give You One Last Reason Why You Should Get This Done-For-You Package Now!

The content is EXCELLENT!

If you hired someone to write these articles for you, it would cost you more than five hundred dollars! In all honesty, mine will be better. Modesty, Arun! Please!

I'm not going to insult your intelligence by inflating the price ridiculously and slashing it down like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre guy.

The 'Success Mindset For Entrepreneurs' Package is worth every cent. Get it now while the price is still low.



[YES] Can be edited and modified in any way
[YES] Can be branded and sold as a report with personal use rights only (PDF)
[YES] Can put your name as the author
[YES] Can be used as eCourse and webinar material
[YES] May use the content on your site/blog
[YES] Can be used on article marketing sites
[YES] Can be translated to other languages
[YES] Can use the content to create and post videos on video sharing sites/blogs, etc.

[NO] Cannot claim copyright to the content since it is PLR
[NO] Cannot resell the packs
[NO] You may NOT sell or giveaway private label rights (non-transferable PLR)
[NO] Cannot be added to membership sites with resell and master resell rights
[NO] Cannot use my name as author

"Hey Arun, You Sure Talk Up A Storm... But Is Your PLR Any Good?"

Wait, what?

Did you just?... You didn't just...

HO! You did!

It's time to school you with some real keeping it straight talk right here.

Flaming Hot PLR Will...

  • Save You Time!

Creating content on your own can be so draining and time-consuming that the zombies on The Walking Dead will have more energy and a better social life than you.

  • Save You Money!

What? Some bloke is charging you $25 for a 500 word article. Tell him to take a hike with the zombies. Flaming Hot PLR can rival most freelancers who charge more than they're worth. Those oxygen thieves!

  • Make You Look Like an Authority!

You will gladly put your name to my PLR content. Don't believe me? Read the reviews below. Go ahead... I can wait.

  • Improve Your Sex Life!

Oh come on! Really? Yup! My PLR is that good!

Still Don't Believe Me? Check Out The Testimonials Below!

"Fine! Fine! I'll Get It! Could You Just End This Page?!!"

To Your Success,
Arun Chandran

P.S. 50 PLR articles for about a dollar each and you're reading the PS?!!! Just get it, will you!

P.P.S. Go ahead and look around, because you won’t find so much well-written online marketing content at such an affordable price. Build authority, create reader loyalty and make affiliate commissions without the struggle. Order right now – and you too can grab a slice of this SUPER PROFITABLE niche!


Q: Any OTOs (one time offers), upsells, downsells, etc. ???
Just 2. The upgrade packages contain lead magnets and infographics.

Q: Is there a money back guarantee?
A: No... Not for this product or the upsells. My PLR is so good it doesn't need a guarantee. Wait, what? Exactly!

Q: Is your content better than what I would get from hiring a freelance writer?
A: I think it is. You could hire a freelancer and pay them anywhere from $20 to $50 to write just 1 article for you.

You’d probably end up paying north of $500 for 25 articles… and guess what? Mine will most probably be better.

Q: What are the rights for this package?
A: The rights are listed above. I’m not Judge Dredd to enforce these rights but I know you’ll abide by them ‘cos you’re cool that way.

Q: How can I get support?
A: You can email me directly at Arun @ or click here to contact me on my website.

Q: Are the images used copyright free?
A: Yes. All images are sourced from the public domain. So, no worries.

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