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I've been on Arun's list for more than 3 years and have enjoyed every minute of it. He's smart, he's funny, he's wise beyond his years.

I always look forward to his emails and no matter what I'm doing, I will stop to read them... he is that good. And, quite frankly, I don't let just anybody "interrupt" me when I'm working.

When I receive an email from Arun I never know what to expect. What words of wisdom will he impart? What real-life story, sometimes hilarious, will he tell us to make a point about marketing and, indeed, about life?

Arun is more about helping people get ahead than he is about making a buck. As a marketer he conducts his business with a sense of integrity that is sadly lacking in the IM community, and stands head and shoulders above the crowd.

I've come to know him well and I can say with 100% sincerity he is one of the best people I know, both online and offline.

Poppie Kouremetis

Whenever I see an email from Arun my first instinct is to skim past like most other emails I receive BUT his email seems to call my name and lure me back to it.

It seems to scream OPEN ME and I can't help but open it... His emails lure me in, take me on a journey and spits me out the other side sometimes with enlightenment, other times with an urgency to achieve great things and other times just plain entertainment. I'm hooked and can't wait for my next dose...

Rick Warid

Arun is the kinda guy that shoots from the hip.  I love his humour, his friendly openess and he's one of only a few marketers that I continue to subscribe to because he never fails to entertain me. 🙂

Teresa Johnston

Hi Arun, your emails are informative and always entertaining. Keep it up! Thanks.

Michiko Katsuren

Arun Chandran is one of my favorite PLR marketers. His products are always timely and of good quality, but I would buy them even if they were crappy just because he is so darned entertaining.

After working my fingers to the bone in my attempts to learn about and succeed in internet marketing, it is a welcome relief to read his emails, find a good product, and have a good laugh at the same time. Thanks, Arun!!

Jacque La Mantia

I always look forward to your emails, Arun and will usually click yours first before others because while your emails are quite funny, they are always filled with thoughtful advice, and valuable business tips that I don't get for free from anyone else! Oh, did I mention the humour? Looking forward to the next one! Cheers!

Yvette Hernandez

Arun, Your Excellency's emails are THE most looked-forward to mail that comes to my Inbox.  You are a great entertainer and story teller, always have profound wisdom to impart, and I love hearing your tales about your friends and family that you share with us.

You give SO MUCH to us all on your list - in outright free gifts and bonuses for the stuff you do promote, the multitudinous materials on your member site (amazing value!), as well your insight and care about our success - it's incredible.  You truly are "Excellent" in every way.. even when you're being a hard-ass real-life coach sharing your golden nuggets of hard-won knowledge and wisdom!  I pity the fools who don't open your emails.. they are the ones missing out!  Thanks again for all you do.. for us!

Derek Schmeh

Well Arun... To be honest your products are awesome and I get a kick out of the brutal honesty you put in them as well as your emails. You're doing the right thing, 'cause if you weren't I would have skipped over your email just like the rest.

Continue to keep up the good work and I look forward to looking at anything you have to offer.

Harolde Bell

"Over the years I have been on too many email lists to mention, most of which I have now unsubscribed from! The great majority I never even read,  (They were mostly full of regurgitated B.S. from hope for the best marketers).
Arun Chandran is one of about 10 people whom I receive emails from today that I actually read.

The reason I stay on Arun's list is twofold: His content is as good as any I've come across over the years and I actually do enjoy reading them. He has a great sense of humour. Here's a bonus third reason: value for money wise, he has no equal"

Michael Oneill

Arun not only creates great products but his emails are always fun to read!

Judy Scuderi

To get your mail opened from the bombardment of E-mails is the First victory. To have credibility for your recommendations is the ultimate victory. You Score on both.

Ramachandran Subramaniam

Arun's emails are among the ones from less than a handful of internet marketers that I look forward to reading. He's got a wacky sense of humor and he's brutally honest. And oh yes - he's crazy too 🙂 I love those combinations. Arun's emails are a source of edutainment for me - education and entertainment. I even save his emails to reread them again and again - some kind of addictive, guilty pleasure? I don't know. I just know that they make me happy... I also know that I can trust Arun's recommendations because he'll not just send me anything just to make a quick buck.

If something is crappy, he'll call it out. If something is great, he'll be honest about it. If he was feeling lazy or didn't have enough time to create a bonus for a product, he'll actually recommend his "competitor's" affiliate link... "Don't buy though my link. Buy it through so and so's link coz she's created a fabulous bonus for this offer, and I didn't manage to put any bonus together. You're better off NOT getting it through my link." Did I say he's crazy? A good crazy. Definitely listen to him. You'll learn plenty.

Carol Nyambura

Not many emails in my inbox get past the open stage but Arun’s certainly does and I do look forward to receiving his regular Friday correspondence.  Arun has a knack of being able to be get across a serious messages in a very friendly and even amusing way.  His knowledge and experience of working online, particularly with PLR, is obvious.  I have been a member of his PLR membership site since its creation and I would recommend it to anybody needing new and niche relevant PLR”

Neill Mack

I just LOVE your emails, and look forward to receiving them. They are full of both wit and wisdom. I enjoy the amusing stories that you share and every email contains at least one tidbit of useful information that will enhance my business, help me make better decisions, or just work smarter. Keep it up!

Thank you  so much for sharing.

Karen Holm

Hi Arun, I like to read your emails, for I am in alignment with your lifestyle. Also I appreciate that you are telling the truth about internet marketing, you do not promote the products you are not sure of, and are not bombarding me with numerous emails (like many others do). Thank you.

Igor Kravchenko

Arun is the breath of fresh air in the polluted IM market. When I see his name appear whether in a post or an email, I dive right in! Why? Because there are two things he always provides...great entertainment or great products. He might just qualify for the funniest man alive, while providing business value too!

Ken Bluttman

I absolutely ENJOY your emails!!!  I love the products, your sense of humor, and your honesty (not exactly in that order, but you get the picture).  I always look forward to them and, no lie, they are the first ones I read!!!  Keep up the great work Arun!!!

Purita Burris

Arun, I enjoy being on your list. As a result of being here I was introduced to areas in Internet marketing that i had no idea existed. Because of your list I was also introduced to good people like Tiffany Lambert and others. Thanks for these valuable connections.

Andrew Moss

You are the best, Arun.  Such an honest marketer.  Someone I trust and who takes good care of your subscribers.  And I also know other marketers trust you... The good ones stick together.  Thank you for all you do.

Vicki Lehmann
Rochester, NH

Hie Arun, I've been on your list for one and a half years now. I'm not good with testimonials but just wanted to say your emails are quite cool, funny, informative and entertaining. Thanks for all the value you add

Tawanda Taderera

"I have been an Arun's subscriber for some time now, and I must say I can't be any happier. When it comes to internet Marketing and list building Arun over delivers.He is truly an honest marketer who offers nothing but value to his list.

Whenever I see his name in my inbox, I open it quickly because I know I'm going to learn some good advice or any other helpful tip.So if there's somebody who really knows his stuff on list building and email marketing, he is the one, an absolute gem".

Danilo Acosta

Of the over 20+ email lists that I'm subscribed to (and counting), one of the few that I consistently open is Arun's emails. He's funny, entertaining, blunt, yet caring, helpful, refreshing and responsive all at the same time. One of the few who practices what he preaches and walks the talk!

Chris Lee

I always open Arun's email, if not instantly, I make sure to look for it the next time I open my inbox. I'd like to see what great news, story or tips he has for me. He's very frank and honest, and I think those are primarily the reasons why I have come to trust him

Christine Vivero

Greetings Arun. You are on the short list of emails that I always open. Your emails are always entertaining, enlightening, or educational. Sometimes you combine all three for a trifecta of goodness.

Shawn Shepherd

I do enjoy your emails Arun, and your writing style. So, keep them coming, I am pretty busy with my aviation career right now, but I do read your emails.


Hi Arun,   I get masses of emails and only open a few.   However, I make a point of opening yours as they amuse, educate and enlighten me about the weird and wonderful things that can happen in the world of internet marketing.  May your 'Press Send' finger never seize up!

Evangeline Auld

Hi Arun, I get almost a dozen emails daily from people pitching the latest PLR product (whether their own or someone else's) and a lot of those emails get deleted before they're read.

I read yours.  I look forward to your take on the world and I appreciate how you're not just trying to sell me something.  Oh, sure, you try to sell me things (it would be pointless for you if you didn't) but you're not JUST trying to sell me things.

You give your customers some insight into your world so I feel like I'm dealing with a person who markets rather than a "marketer."  The difference is subtle but important.

And you care about the quality of what you're selling, sometime saying outright that you passed on promoting the product that five other people tried to sell me that morning. That lets me know you appreciate me at least as much as you appreciate my money.  That's important too.


Jeffrey Richards, CH

Hi, Arun, my pleasure to tell you, why i always open your emails... 😀

1- You´re funny, but honest
2- Love the insights in another country (living in the North of Germany)
3- I LOVE gifts .... 🙂
4- Really like your approach to the online marketing world
5- Secret soapbox fan... 😉

Greetings from Germany
Janine Peleikis

Arun, you are a special guy, honest and dependable, witty, great content provider and soooooo funny! I look forward to your emails every time! Thanks for being you...one of the good guys!

One of your many fans..lol.

Denese Wright

Hey Arun, I'm just dropping this email to tell you how much I enjoy being on your list. You are pretty much the only marketer I read 90%+ of the emails you send.

You have great charisma, and most of the time, I just open this to have a good time 🙂 You never fail to make me laugh in these emails. Keep rocking!

Alaa Khassa